However, what do we mean when we label a shoe as an ‘oxford’?

Add Your Heading TeOxford shoes have a distinctive design in which the eyelet area is concealed within the vamp. This model is a classic formal dress shoe which will never be out of style. These oxford shoes are a great example of the basic black cap toe oxfords. If compared with blutchers, oxford shoes have a formal look and tend to maintain their shape slightly better despite the course of time. xt Here

How are oxford shoes worn?

Can oxford shoes be worn informally? Of course! Although suede oxford shoes or lighter shades of leathers tend to be easier to match with informal outfits. Easily worn with office wear, suits and even denim; dress footwear is a very versatile option to own. A simple black oxford is never inappropriate regardless the event.

Can I find various types of oxford models?

Oxford shoes can be brogued, with straight cap toes, wingtips, wholecuts... Brogued oxford shoes are a very popular option at Carmina since they offer greater detailing. All broguing and pinking is handmade in our closing room by our artisans. If looking for minimalist dress shoes, straight captoes would be the most popular option since they have less detailing. Of course, wingtips range from more intricate detailing to austerity brogued oxfords which could also be a great option for formal occasions.

Do oxford shoes have the same fit as any other model?

The lower part of the eyelet area is stitched into the vamp and does not open completely to let the foot into the shoe as we would see with derby shoes. Therefore, the narrower opening of oxford shoes can be trickier with very high insteps. Nevertheless, our models and lasts have been specially designed to fit both high and low insteps.

Oxford best seller shoes

Model 910: a minimalist shoe model, with timeless lines and with much more technique than meets the eye. This model is very popular for men’s wedding shoes or special events.